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Two Tables Side by Side

The secret is in adding style=”float:right” <asp:Table runat=”server” style=”float:right”>   <asp:TableRow>  <asp:TableCell>Table1 Cell1  </asp:TableCell>  </asp:TableRow>  </asp:Table>  <asp:Table ID=”Table1″ runat=”server” style=”float:right”>   <asp:TableRow>  <asp:TableCell>Table2 Cell1  </asp:TableCell>  </asp:TableRow>  </asp:Table> Advertisements

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ExecuteReader vs ExecuteNonQuery vs ExecuteScalar

ExecuteReader() For SELECT statement ExecuteNonQuery() For INSERT , UPDATE and DELETE Not for SELECT statement. ExecuteScalar() For images   Ahmed.

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Frames vs Tables

Frames vs Tables Frames divide up your browser window into separate areas. In each of these a page is loaded. Tables divide up a web page into separate cells. Frames Disadvantages: Frames are not very good for web search engines … Continue reading

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