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Twenty Minute Rule

Whenever you come home from a long day at work or school,  you were so tired the only things you could find energy to do were mindless life-negating nonsense– television, Netflix, Reddit, Facebook, whatever. Every night you would somehow find hours of … Continue reading

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If You’re Busy, You’re Doing Something Wrong

If you’re chronically stressed and up late working, you’re doing something wrong. You’ve built a life around hard to do work, not hard work. Hard to do Work = spread your work throughout the day + sleep less Hard Work … Continue reading

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Productivity vs Waste

Developer productivity is made of two components: 1- Working in the project by adding value and solving projects bussiness problems. 2- Working in others mistakes which stops you from adding value to the project. This is called “Waste” and should … Continue reading

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Google Gadgets – Task List and Timer Timer

I’ve just installed Google Gadgets Task List and Timer Timer I would like to know how much time I spent in tasks. I classified tasks as: 1- Supprot (any call for support) 2- Reading (any reading in the Net including … Continue reading

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