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How to Invent the Next Big Thing ?

You will not reinvent the wheel, but instead reapplied the current concepts into a new, revolutionary product. The next big thing will be created by innovating the “adjacent technology.” The next big thing isn’t going to take years of research and … Continue reading

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Tablets’ Sizes

9.7-inch: Apple iPad Desc: Display that fell between the small smartphone screen and the bigger notebooks. Adv.: This size was a good fit for displaying web pages in the browser, a frequent task performed on the tablet. 7-inch: Samsung Galaxy … Continue reading

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How to Beat iPad ?

Enterprise is the place where competitors can beat iPad ? The days of handing out a device to employees are largely over. Workers are bringing their own gear to work. Apple won’t have the sales army that traditional business technology … Continue reading

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Comment on: Poll: With wireless docking, will smartphones replace many laptops?

Yes, because of the Cloud Mobiles, PCs, Notebooks, Tablets are just tools to get you to your applications and data which will be in the Cloud. And mobiles with wireless docking technology will be the popular choice because of its … Continue reading

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Why iPad is the No.1 Tablet ?

Every company making a tablet is trying to compete with what Apple offers means that they aren’t looking to make something better than the iPad. They are just trying to catch up. Until someone decides to step outside of Apple’s … Continue reading

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