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The Power of Small and Simple Habits

The reason people fail to change their lives, and fail to instill new habits, is because they try to do too much at once. In simplest terms, if your new habit requires more willpower than you can muster, you will … Continue reading

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Programming Every Day

Why you should program daily (work or side projects) ? 1- Break-through solutions: Subconscious will work while you are eating, driving, sleeping, … etc. 2- Productivity: Everyday a little step towards your goal. 3- Satisfaction: Feeling progress is important as … Continue reading

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How To Improve Systematically In Your Job

Why you don’t improve? Because you waste too much time in shallow work. Shallow work characteristics: 1- Easy, anyone can do it. 2- Attractive, because it is easy. 3- Rich in personal interaction, which we enjoy. Shallow work examples: 1- … Continue reading

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When IT Isn’t Strategic, Companies Fail

What happens when CEOs don’t understand the power and competitive value of information technology? In some cases, their companies go out of business or become marginalized. People Express, one of the first low-cost airlines, PE’s founder and CEO had not … Continue reading

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Progression ignorance is the biggest psychological obstacle to accomplishment. Invest a non-trivial amount into researching the progression for success. Why? The point of research is to keep you motivated during the progression. If you’ve done a non-trivial amount of research … Continue reading

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Failure not Hard Work is the road to Success

Educational systems are not preparing people for the 21st century. How to fix this problem ? The answer is: New way of thinking. Success = Risk = Failure We used to think that more effort means greater ability to succeed, … Continue reading

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Apple’s Success Secrit: Focus

Apple achieved all of that because of the Focus and decisive leadership provided by Jobs: One of Jobs’s great strengths was knowing how to focus. “Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do,” he said. … Continue reading

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Proactive: The Most Effective Habit

In Stephen Covey’s Book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” his first habit is “Be Proactive.”. In fact, Being Proactive might be the only effective habit. Read the other six and they all seemed to be corollaries of the … Continue reading

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Failure is a Requirement to Success

Failure is not an option…it is a requirement…to future success. Failure gets a bad rap. It is actually an important element of success. When I speak at conferences around the world I say “In America we don’t use the word … Continue reading

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