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Programming Every Day

Why you should program daily (work or side projects) ? 1- Break-through solutions: Subconscious will work while you are eating, driving, sleeping, … etc. 2- Productivity: Everyday a little step towards your goal. 3- Satisfaction: Feeling progress is important as … Continue reading

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Quit Studying and Take Tests Fluently

Fluency is the ability to perform quickly and without hesitation. Without practice to fluency, students do not remember or maintain newly learned skills and knowledge. If it takes two or three seconds to “remember” each answer and that is simply … Continue reading

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Progression ignorance is the biggest psychological obstacle to accomplishment. Invest a non-trivial amount into researching the progression for success. Why? The point of research is to keep you motivated during the progression. If you’ve done a non-trivial amount of research … Continue reading

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How do I learn to program?

Inventor of Ruby on Rails – David Heinemeier Hansson : “Programming because I needed to. Programming because I gave a damn about what I was writing and I wanted it done sooner rather than later. That’s how I learned to … Continue reading

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How to Ace your Exams without Studying

Holistic learning is a process for learning more effectively. Some people effortlessly learn new concepts and material while others struggle. The difference between these factors is mostly due to a process called holistic learning. Holistic learning is the opposite of … Continue reading

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