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Seven Traits of Effective Programmers

1. Learn new tech and everything around it Bad programmers learn new technical skills just in time. Good programmers learn the skill a year before. Great programmers learn new technical skills and all skills, technology, design, paradigm around it a … Continue reading

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Hacker vs Professor

Who is the best ? a hacker who knows how to code and has no CS degree, or a CS graduate who does not know how to code ? It depends in which field you are comparing ? In programming, … Continue reading

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Skills vs Tools

You have a skill, then you don’t need a tool. Tools are for less skillful guys. A master of martial arts trains for a lifetime, and becomes himself a deadly weapon. He may carry a sword, a knife, but he … Continue reading

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Productivity vs Waste

Developer productivity is made of two components: 1- Working in the project by adding value and solving projects bussiness problems. 2- Working in others mistakes which stops you from adding value to the project. This is called “Waste” and should … Continue reading

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Software Craftsmanship Principles

Single Responsibility Principle, Dependency Inversion Principle, Common Closure Principle, Common Reuse Principle, Boy Scout Rule, YAGNI, Eliminate Waste, Shipping is a Feature, Don’t Repeat Yourself, Interface Segregation Principle, Liskov Substitution Principle, Open Closed Principle. Source: software-craftsmanship-2011-calendar

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Two Programmers’ Manifestos

I’m thinking of two manifestos: 1- Master your Craft: which is about how to be experienced in your craft (input). If you are a novice programmer then do one, two, three and you are a Master. Or if you are … Continue reading

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