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Seven Traits of Effective Programmers

1. Learn new tech and everything around it Bad programmers learn new technical skills just in time. Good programmers learn the skill a year before. Great programmers learn new technical skills and all skills, technology, design, paradigm around it a … Continue reading

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The Death of Knowledge Worker and the Rise of the Knowledge Networker

Why Knowledge workers era of supremacy is over ? 1- Speed of change today: An individual or self-contained group of individuals may know all the vital facts of their field in this very instant, but the speed of change can … Continue reading

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How To Improve Systematically In Your Job

Why you don’t improve? Because you waste too much time in shallow work. Shallow work characteristics: 1- Easy, anyone can do it. 2- Attractive, because it is easy. 3- Rich in personal interaction, which we enjoy. Shallow work examples: 1- … Continue reading

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Progression ignorance is the biggest psychological obstacle to accomplishment. Invest a non-trivial amount into researching the progression for success. Why? The point of research is to keep you motivated during the progression. If you’ve done a non-trivial amount of research … Continue reading

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Comfort, Panic and Learning Zone

Any task or activity we do is in either comfort or panic or learning zone. In order to make progress in any field from novice to expert, we need to always stay in the learning zone, because it is where … Continue reading

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Hacker vs Professor

Who is the best ? a hacker who knows how to code and has no CS degree, or a CS graduate who does not know how to code ? It depends in which field you are comparing ? In programming, … Continue reading

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Skills vs Tools

You have a skill, then you don’t need a tool. Tools are for less skillful guys. A master of martial arts trains for a lifetime, and becomes himself a deadly weapon. He may carry a sword, a knife, but he … Continue reading

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