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Programming Every Day

Why you should program daily (work or side projects) ? 1- Break-through solutions: Subconscious will work while you are eating, driving, sleeping, … etc. 2- Productivity: Everyday a little step towards your goal. 3- Satisfaction: Feeling progress is important as … Continue reading

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What Is a Customer Need?

Much of the confusion concerning the proper role of customer needs in the innovation process stems from an unclear understanding of what a customer need is. Solutions, features and product requirements are not customer needs, and yet they have all … Continue reading

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Programming and Problem Solving – Part 1

When you assume the setting is enabled while it is disabled and hence these wrong output have reasons. Or when you assume the process is X then Y and not X AND Y and work in a complex solution based … Continue reading

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How Twitter Solved its Architectures’ Problems

Evolution Asking Greg during the Summize due diligence what his plan was for stabilizing Twitter. He answered that there was no magic bullet. He said they weren’t going to do one big thing, they were going to do lots of … Continue reading

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No Failure, No Innovation

An inventor’s path is chorused with groans, riddled with fist-banging and punctuated by head scratches. Stumbling upon the next great invention in an “ah-ha!” moment is a myth. It is only by learning from mistakes that progress is made. It’s … Continue reading

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