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Great Internet Boom of 2011 vs great crash of 2001

The market wasn’t nearly as big as anticipated and the products were not nearly as good as imagined–at the time. When Netscape peaked in the late 90s, we had 90 percent market share and 50 million users. The total Consumer … Continue reading

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Hyprid: the Buzzword of 2011

All are preparing for a new management tool that will allow customers to oversee both on-premises and cloud-based services. Hyprid: joining and managing public and private Cloud via one product. Hyprid products:- Microsoft: Concero. VMware: vCenter Operations product. Amazon: VPC … Continue reading

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2010-2020 Decade of the Developers

1990 to 1999: the decade of innovations PCs Networks Printers emails the Net , web , internet 2000 to 2010: deploy technologies , training users and built data centers 2011 to 2020: apps and who build apps? Developers. Applications are … Continue reading

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