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Hardware Will Take a Backseat to Software — Perhaps for Good

Cloud computing is the single biggest reason …… This year – 2012 – will be one of the worst years in recent memory for new products. It’s not that manufacturers aren’t trying; it’s just that hardware innovation has taken a … Continue reading

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Why Google Will Fail ?

Search – Google like search – is dying (outdated/static content). More people are relying less on google as they “discover” content from other sources. For example, they are using their friends to search for things. i.e. social networks i.e. Facebook. … Continue reading

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The Death of Firefox

It is a world of Apps not Extensions. Firefox doesn’t have an app ecosystem or a loyal core of developers. Extensions? Those were worth bragging about in 2005, but in 2012 the story is apps. The idea of branded browsers … Continue reading

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Mobile Apps, the New Paradigm Shift

Advantages of mobile Apps over others. They can get things done: – anywhere – anytime – on any device Business applications to go mobile: Redesign the fundamental architecture for delivering apps? Client-Server (and Browser-Server) architecture is dead. Mobile Apps is … Continue reading

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2010-2020 Decade of the Developers

1990 to 1999: the decade of innovations PCs Networks Printers emails the Net , web , internet 2000 to 2010: deploy technologies , training users and built data centers 2011 to 2020: apps and who build apps? Developers. Applications are … Continue reading

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