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3G vs WiFi

3G needs a service provider and you pay for it. WiFi needs a WiFi router. If it is yours or open router like in cafes then it is free. WiFi is faster than 3G. 3G range and signals are more … Continue reading

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Comment on: Poll: With wireless docking, will smartphones replace many laptops?

Yes, because of the Cloud Mobiles, PCs, Notebooks, Tablets are just tools to get you to your applications and data which will be in the Cloud. And mobiles with wireless docking technology will be the popular choice because of its … Continue reading

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Google Android vs. Apple iOS

Weak spots for iOS: 1- Software inflexibility: adv: allow iOS products to function very well. dis: can’t create an app not within the boundaries Apple has set for iOS  2- Productivity limitations: adv: on-screen keyboard works magnificently for short data entry. … Continue reading

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Why Intel Hates Wireless ?

Imagine if dual core smartphones could perform without having to dock at all by simply using Wireless USB — which offers plenty to speed to accomplish this with 480Mbps at 3 meters and 110Mbps at 10 meters. Suddenly, a lot … Continue reading

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Mobile Apps, the New Paradigm Shift

Advantages of mobile Apps over others. They can get things done: – anywhere – anytime – on any device Business applications to go mobile: Redesign the fundamental architecture for delivering apps? Client-Server (and Browser-Server) architecture is dead. Mobile Apps is … Continue reading

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Why Nokia Failed ?

A Nokia’s user experience designer explains why Nokia failed ? An organization committed to the virtues of engineering rather than those of design. Nokia has smart engineers but bad management who never understand the changes and never listen to their … Continue reading

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Microsoft-Nokia Deal

The problem with Nokia is that their software is no where near the high standard of their hardware. Nokia needed a bold move in the software/OS/platform area in order to become a mobile leader again. Why not Android? In the … Continue reading

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Why Google Hates Mobiles ?

web pages, PCs, searching : Billions for Google mobiles, mobile app (where no need for Google search) : Nothing for Google. Google is heavily invested in keeping the current paradigm of the Web, where it is by far the biggest … Continue reading

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