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Speed as a Habit

Speed is the ultimate weapon in business. All else being equal, the fastest company in any market will win. Speed is a defining characteristic — if not the defining characteristic — of the leader in virtually every industry you look … Continue reading

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When IT Isn’t Strategic, Companies Fail

What happens when CEOs don’t understand the power and competitive value of information technology? In some cases, their companies go out of business or become marginalized. People Express, one of the first low-cost airlines, PE’s founder and CEO had not … Continue reading

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Application Lifecycle Management ( ALM )

I attended a presentation given by David Chappell. The presentation was informative and thought-provoking,  and the presenter was an enthusiastic and informative speaker.   Summary of the presentation   Business strategy means being different from the competition. Being different relies on strategic IT investments to support … Continue reading

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Progression ignorance is the biggest psychological obstacle to accomplishment. Invest a non-trivial amount into researching the progression for success. Why? The point of research is to keep you motivated during the progression. If you’ve done a non-trivial amount of research … Continue reading

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Leadership not Management will set your Project apart

Managing the project is not enough, you need to leadership to make the difference and set your project apart. But what’s the difference between leadership and management ? Management is dealing with non-human issues (tasks): schedules, risks, … etc. Leadership … Continue reading

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Five Ways to Energize Your Team

As a leader, you have an effect on people. When you leave the room, people ether feel taller or smaller. This is an almost super-hero power, but, unfortunately, leaders are often unconscious of it. … he managed to “snatch defeat … Continue reading

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Black Swans Theory

Low-predictability-high-impact events. Follows logically from Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems (no description of the world can be complete), Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle (no observer can know everything), and the Butterfly Effect (even the smallest events can have big consequences).

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Broken Windows Theory

When an environment deteriorates, people’s behavior deteriorates along with it. It also follows logically from Lewin’s Equation (people’s behavior depends on their context) and memetics (people copy each other’s norms).

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