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Safety Development Environment

Learning is the biggest single base part of software development, whether we’re using Agile or Waterfall or anything else, we learn and the faster we learn the faster we produce software. Agile, when it works really well, those teams that … Continue reading

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Progression ignorance is the biggest psychological obstacle to accomplishment. Invest a non-trivial amount into researching the progression for success. Why? The point of research is to keep you motivated during the progression. If you’ve done a non-trivial amount of research … Continue reading

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Comfort, Panic and Learning Zone

Any task or activity we do is in either comfort or panic or learning zone. In order to make progress in any field from novice to expert, we need to always stay in the learning zone, because it is where … Continue reading

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How do I learn to program?

Inventor of Ruby on Rails – David Heinemeier Hansson : “Programming because I needed to. Programming because I gave a damn about what I was writing and I wanted it done sooner rather than later. That’s how I learned to … Continue reading

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How to Ace your Exams without Studying

Holistic learning is a process for learning more effectively. Some people effortlessly learn new concepts and material while others struggle. The difference between these factors is mostly due to a process called holistic learning. Holistic learning is the opposite of … Continue reading

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Learning a New Programming Language

Why learn ? ‘cos technology change very fast, and change means new technologies, methodologies, tools, frameworks, libraries, … , and languages. And in order to compete you need to learn all these changes. No learn means you will stuck in … Continue reading

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Why Universities are Bad ?

Computer science graduates are bad programmers, because universities teach “history of computer science” not latest trends. What’s the problem with universities ? 1- Selection: you have to select the easiest courses to get high marks, and that means avoiding programming … Continue reading

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“DIY” Do It Yourself

In a word (or acronym to be more precise) DIY (Do It Yourself). Of course DIY isn’t just a creative acronym for those that like, literally, do things themselves. DIY is a way of life – it means you look … Continue reading

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“I will learn it when I need it”!

my reply to Alan Skokin: Excellent post Alan. As you said, no one will wait you till you understand what’s going on. Alot of experts will eat your lunch. So you have to be prepaired. I think “I will learn … Continue reading

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Dreyfus Model and Programming Experience

The Dreyfus Model fundamentals are summarized here. Novice – Needs to be told exactly what to do. Very little context to base decisions off of. Advanced beginner – Has more context for decisions, but still needs rigid guidelines to follow. … Continue reading

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