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Jobs-To-Be-Done Theory

All you should find out is what the customers’ ultimate output goal is: WHAT they want the product or service to do for them (Needs), not HOW it should do it (Solution). People do not want a software, they want … Continue reading

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How do you recognise Good Programmers

How do you recognise good programmers if you’re a business guy? PASSION and Enthusiasm. How do you know passion/Enthusiasm? 1- Home Projects in their spare time. 2- Self-Learning new technologies. No need for training classes. Love learning. 3- Up-To-Date: Talking … Continue reading

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How to Hire the Best ?

Interview their achievements and let them explain why, and let them code some features in front of you. This is the best way to interview and get the best programmers to work for you. Gone are the Microsoft’s days: “Why … Continue reading

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Design/Concept Interview Questions for Senior Developers

If you are a senior developer (> 10 years experience) then you should know almost all of the answers of these questions. Everyone of these questions will be a blog entry during this year inshalla’ What is something substantive that … Continue reading

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