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Is there still new Opportunities ?

You still may be thinking that Twitter and Zynga are great, but now it’s really over–there is no new opportunity. If you think that, you’d be wrong again. In addition to the unprecedented number of people now reachable via the … Continue reading

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Great Internet Boom of 2011 vs great crash of 2001

The market wasn’t nearly as big as anticipated and the products were not nearly as good as imagined–at the time. When Netscape peaked in the late 90s, we had 90 percent market share and 50 million users. The total Consumer … Continue reading

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from PC to Cloud

Once upon a time, the rush was on to produce native Windows applications, then it became “you need a web strategy”, and then “you need a mobile strategy”. Therefore it is natural to sigh and try to ignore it when … Continue reading

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2010-2020 Decade of the Developers

1990 to 1999: the decade of innovations PCs Networks Printers emails the Net , web , internet 2000 to 2010: deploy technologies , training users and built data centers 2011 to 2020: apps and who build apps? Developers. Applications are … Continue reading

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