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The Death of Knowledge Worker and the Rise of the Knowledge Networker

Why Knowledge workers era of supremacy is over ? 1- Speed of change today: An individual or self-contained group of individuals may know all the vital facts of their field in this very instant, but the speed of change can … Continue reading

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Why Software Development Is So Hard

Why we humans can undertake large construction or engineering projects with relative success and yet we struggle to deliver software projects without bugs and on time. Even with excellent development processes it is still difficult to do software development right. … Continue reading

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Quit Studying and Take Tests Fluently

Fluency is the ability to perform quickly and without hesitation. Without practice to fluency, students do not remember or maintain newly learned skills and knowledge. If it takes two or three seconds to “remember” each answer and that is simply … Continue reading

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Failure is a Requirement to Success

Failure is not an option…it is a requirement…to future success. Failure gets a bad rap. It is actually an important element of success. When I speak at conferences around the world I say “In America we don’t use the word … Continue reading

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“I will learn it when I need it”!

my reply to Alan Skokin: Excellent post Alan. As you said, no one will wait you till you understand what’s going on. Alot of experts will eat your lunch. So you have to be prepaired. I think “I will learn … Continue reading

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Dreyfus Model and Programming Experience

The Dreyfus Model fundamentals are summarized here. Novice – Needs to be told exactly what to do. Very little context to base decisions off of. Advanced beginner – Has more context for decisions, but still needs rigid guidelines to follow. … Continue reading

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Two Programmers’ Manifestos

I’m thinking of two manifestos: 1- Master your Craft: which is about how to be experienced in your craft (input). If you are a novice programmer then do one, two, three and you are a Master. Or if you are … Continue reading

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Deliberate Practice for Programmers

This paper “The Role of Deliberate Practice in the Acquisition of Expert Performance” is one of the best research papers I have ever read about. Why? Because it open the door for anyone to be an expert in any field. … Continue reading

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