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The End of Projects

Projects are the main reason for Software Products Development failure. Why ? Because Projects and Software characteristics are totally different and conflict. How ? 1- Nature: Projects are (Temporary) and have an end date. Software development is (Not Temporary) and … Continue reading

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Why Software Development Is So Hard

Why we humans can undertake large construction or engineering projects with relative success and yet we struggle to deliver software projects without bugs and on time. Even with excellent development processes it is still difficult to do software development right. … Continue reading

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Ultrabooks: The Laptops of the Future

Ultrabooks are the new revolution in computer world. They are thin and light laptops with no hard disk (SSD instead) and no CD/DVD drive, but a good battery life (6-7 hours). Features: Storage Solid State Drive (SSD) as the primary … Continue reading

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Coders vs Programmers

Coders are akin to smart assembly line workers as opposed to programmers who are plant engineers. Programmers are the brains, the glorious visionaries who create things. Large software programmes that often run into billions of lines are designed and developed … Continue reading

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Hacker vs Professor

Who is the best ? a hacker who knows how to code and has no CS degree, or a CS graduate who does not know how to code ? It depends in which field you are comparing ? In programming, … Continue reading

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3G vs WiFi

3G needs a service provider and you pay for it. WiFi needs a WiFi router. If it is yours or open router like in cafes then it is free. WiFi is faster than 3G. 3G range and signals are more … Continue reading

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Why Facebook Beat MySpace ?

Management. A very simple management mistake News Corp. made. News Corp tried to guide MySpace, to add planning, and to use “professional management” to determine the business’s future. That was fatally flawed when competing with Facebook which was managed in … Continue reading

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Leadership not Management will set your Project apart

Managing the project is not enough, you need to leadership to make the difference and set your project apart. But what’s the difference between leadership and management ? Management is dealing with non-human issues (tasks): schedules, risks, … etc. Leadership … Continue reading

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Google Android vs. Apple iOS

Weak spots for iOS: 1- Software inflexibility: adv: allow iOS products to function very well. dis: can’t create an app not within the boundaries Apple has set for iOS  2- Productivity limitations: adv: on-screen keyboard works magnificently for short data entry. … Continue reading

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Data vs Intelligence

Data provide information about the past, while intelligence provides information about the future. Intelligence often relies on these data, but having all the data in the world does not give you any intelligence advantage if they are not used correctly. … Continue reading

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