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The Fall Of Once Great Companies

In technology, you can always trace the fall of once great companies to a point in time when they seemed unassailable and/or were at a clear inflection point but missed the opportunity. The problem for companies is the market has … Continue reading

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Hyprid: the Buzzword of 2011

All are preparing for a new management tool that will allow customers to oversee both on-premises and cloud-based services. Hyprid: joining and managing public and private Cloud via one product. Hyprid products:- Microsoft: Concero. VMware: vCenter Operations product. Amazon: VPC … Continue reading

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Why Bing surpasses Yahoo! as second most popular search engine worldwide ?

Last year, Yahoo announced that their advertising would be handled by competitor Microsoft. Shortly thereafter, Yahoo handed the reigns over completely, letting Bing handle their search engine algorithm so Yahoo could focus on other projects. Resource: Bing Yahoo “Bingahoo” Alliance … Continue reading

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Chrome, Windows Killer

Google’s long-term strategy seems to be to supplant Microsoft by first building the best browser, then making it easy to move your files to Google Docs … and finally, slowly but inexorably, making Windows and Office irrelevant. Obviously no one … Continue reading

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Maps: Google vs Bing vs Yahoo

Herein lies the problem with Yahoo! Maps: the designers focused too much on “decorating” and not enough on “communicating”. For example, it seems that making the highways attractive-looking was a far greater priority than simply making New York City’s city … Continue reading

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