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Google’s Productivity Secret

A system called Snippets, employees receive a weekly email asking them to write down what they did last week and what they plan to do in the upcoming week. Replies get compiled in a public space and distributed automatically the … Continue reading

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Why Google Will Fail ?

Search – Google like search – is dying (outdated/static content). More people are relying less on google as they “discover” content from other sources. For example, they are using their friends to search for things. i.e. social networks i.e. Facebook. … Continue reading

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Google Android vs. Apple iOS

Weak spots for iOS: 1- Software inflexibility: adv: allow iOS products to function very well. dis: can’t create an app not within the boundaries Apple has set for iOS  2- Productivity limitations: adv: on-screen keyboard works magnificently for short data entry. … Continue reading

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Chrome, Windows Killer

Google’s long-term strategy seems to be to supplant Microsoft by first building the best browser, then making it easy to move your files to Google Docs … and finally, slowly but inexorably, making Windows and Office irrelevant. Obviously no one … Continue reading

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Maps: Google vs Bing vs Yahoo

Herein lies the problem with Yahoo! Maps: the designers focused too much on “decorating” and not enough on “communicating”. For example, it seems that making the highways attractive-looking was a far greater priority than simply making New York City’s city … Continue reading

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How Facebook Beat Google in 2010

Hitwise data doesn’t represent the whole truth. If the analytics firm were to include Google-owned YouTube in its calculations, Google’s network of websites would outrank Facebook properties Facebook, has seemingly discovered Google’s weak spots. Identity Wars The first area in … Continue reading

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Why Google Hates Mobiles ?

web pages, PCs, searching : Billions for Google mobiles, mobile app (where no need for Google search) : Nothing for Google. Google is heavily invested in keeping the current paradigm of the Web, where it is by far the biggest … Continue reading

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