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Financial IQ

Rich Dad Poor Dad, the #1 Personal Finance book of all time Advertisements

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Speed as a Habit

Speed is the ultimate weapon in business. All else being equal, the fastest company in any market will win. Speed is a defining characteristic — if not the defining characteristic — of the leader in virtually every industry you look … Continue reading

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When IT Isn’t Strategic, Companies Fail

What happens when CEOs don’t understand the power and competitive value of information technology? In some cases, their companies go out of business or become marginalized. People Express, one of the first low-cost airlines, PE’s founder and CEO had not … Continue reading

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Google’s Productivity Secret

A system called Snippets, employees receive a weekly email asking them to write down what they did last week and what they plan to do in the upcoming week. Replies get compiled in a public space and distributed automatically the … Continue reading

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The Fall Of Once Great Companies

In technology, you can always trace the fall of once great companies to a point in time when they seemed unassailable and/or were at a clear inflection point but missed the opportunity. The problem for companies is the market has … Continue reading

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SaaS beats Oracle and SAP

ERP maintenance model is facing a trio of threats: 1- SaaS 2- Third party maintenance 3- Cloud vendors SAP paid up big time for SuccessFactors in a $3.4 billion deal and Oracle bought RightNow for $1.5 billion just a few … Continue reading

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Amazon and the Small Defects

“Obsess over small defects” is how you become the Amazon of the web. From a fantastic interview with Jeff Bezos by Steven Levy at Wired; Bezos: “Tech companies always have high margins, except for Amazon. We’re the only tech company … Continue reading

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Apple’s Success Secrit: Focus

Apple achieved all of that because of the Focus and decisive leadership provided by Jobs: One of Jobs’s great strengths was knowing how to focus. “Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do,” he said. … Continue reading

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Living in the Future

Thinking deeply about open source and the internet got me thinking big ideas about the internet as operating system, and the shift of influence from software to network effects in data as the key to future applications. I was following … Continue reading

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How to Invent the Next Big Thing ?

You will not reinvent the wheel, but instead reapplied the current concepts into a new, revolutionary product. The next big thing will be created by innovating the “adjacent technology.” The next big thing isn’t going to take years of research and … Continue reading

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