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Comment on: Poll: With wireless docking, will smartphones replace many laptops?

Yes, because of the Cloud Mobiles, PCs, Notebooks, Tablets are just tools to get you to your applications and data which will be in the Cloud. And mobiles with wireless docking technology will be the popular choice because of its … Continue reading

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Comment on: The Easier It Is To Quantify, The Less It’s Worth

I don’t think there is a relation btw easy to quantify and less value, ‘cos it could be easy to quantify and more value e.g. customer satisfaction, within 10 seconds you will know whether he likes your product or not. … Continue reading

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Comment on: The end of hard-edged science?

My comment on: The end of hard-edged science? Ahmed 02.16.11 at 22:23 I know what I will say is a little bit weird to a material mind set. The thing that modern science is forgotten is God’s factor. This should … Continue reading

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