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Hardware Will Take a Backseat to Software — Perhaps for Good

Cloud computing is the single biggest reason …… This year – 2012 – will be one of the worst years in recent memory for new products. It’s not that manufacturers aren’t trying; it’s just that hardware innovation has taken a … Continue reading

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Datacenters’ Death

Netflix decided to move to the Cloud in late 2008 to early 2009 after an outage prompted them to consider what it would take to engineer their way to significantly higher up time. They concluded they couldn’t build data centers … Continue reading

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Hyprid: the Buzzword of 2011

All are preparing for a new management tool that will allow customers to oversee both on-premises and cloud-based services. Hyprid: joining and managing public and private Cloud via one product. Hyprid products:- Microsoft: Concero. VMware: vCenter Operations product. Amazon: VPC … Continue reading

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Comment on: Poll: With wireless docking, will smartphones replace many laptops?

Yes, because of the Cloud Mobiles, PCs, Notebooks, Tablets are just tools to get you to your applications and data which will be in the Cloud. And mobiles with wireless docking technology will be the popular choice because of its … Continue reading

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Chrome, Windows Killer

Google’s long-term strategy seems to be to supplant Microsoft by first building the best browser, then making it easy to move your files to Google Docs … and finally, slowly but inexorably, making Windows and Office irrelevant. Obviously no one … Continue reading

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Save your Data in the Cloud

The days are gone of buying hard drives just to back-up your data. Simply leave your computer running and allow an encrypted backup to happen automatically or save documents and spreadsheets in the cloud. Let the experts manage your storage … Continue reading

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Amazon Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services launched in 2002.  The first Cloud initiative in the industry. Amazon Web Services = Amazon EC2 + Amazon S3 + others … Amazon EC2 is a Server instances These instances are simply virtual machines Elastic Compute Units (ECU), pick and choose … Continue reading

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