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Basic Features vs Delightful Features

Basic Features Basic features that a user expects to be there and work will never score highly on satisfaction, but can take inordinate amounts of effort to build and maintain. Delightful Features Score very highly on satisfaction and in many … Continue reading

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Twenty Minute Rule

Whenever you come home from a long day at work or school,  you were so tired the only things you could find energy to do were mindless life-negating nonsense– television, Netflix, Reddit, Facebook, whatever. Every night you would somehow find hours of … Continue reading

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Release Planning

Maximize your return on investment by: working on one project at a time; releasing early and often; adapting your plans; keeping your options open; and planning at the last responsible moment. Use timeboxing to control your schedule. Set the release … Continue reading

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Mob Programming

Pair programming keeps two eyes on the code at all times and increases the ability to communicate to each other about the code. Mob programming extends that out just a little bit to a whole team. So essentially everybody working … Continue reading

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Rather than try to plan for every eventuality, embrace the possibilities that change brings you. This approach may sound like it’s out of control. It would be, except for eight practices that allow you to control the chaos of endless … Continue reading

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Incremental versus Iterative Development

Incremental fundamentally means add onto. Incremental development helps you progress. Iterative fundamentally means re-do. Iterative development helps you improve your product. Incremental means new features because you add-on. Iterative means quality because you re-work. Increment new requirements for progress. Iterate … Continue reading

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Safety Development Environment

Learning is the biggest single base part of software development, whether we’re using Agile or Waterfall or anything else, we learn and the faster we learn the faster we produce software. Agile, when it works really well, those teams that … Continue reading

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Seven Traits of Effective Programmers

1. Learn new tech and everything around it Bad programmers learn new technical skills just in time. Good programmers learn the skill a year before. Great programmers learn new technical skills and all skills, technology, design, paradigm around it a … Continue reading

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BDD and Feature Injection

Most of the time when business domain experts come and ask for something they very rarely tell you and express it in terms of the value they want, they often come up with a half-baked solution. What we actually want … Continue reading

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Continuous Delivery: Fast Innovate and you will be Leaders’ Strategic Partner

Most companies understand the importance of innovation, but are not able to deliver software quickly enough to meet the needs of business leaders.   Continuous delivery is the solution to improving the productivity of software development to the point of … Continue reading

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