The End of Projects

Projects are the main reason for Software Products Development failure.

Why ?

Because Projects and Software characteristics are totally different and conflict.

How ?

1- Nature:

Projects are (Temporary) and have an end date.

Software development is (Not Temporary)

and this creates two problems:

a- Quality: poor cos you would like to finish on an end date.

b- Team: dismantled which will lead to lose of experience and deep information which can not be catch by documents.

2- Success Criteria:

Projects (Budget , Time and Scope)

Software development (Value / Benefit)

3- Size:

Projects are Big (budget, time, scope, team, … etc)

which implies Feedback problem, cos of big batches of deliverable.

Software development should be in small batches so as to enable feedback and benefit as soon as possible.

4- Estimation:

Projects estimate and predict large deliverable in advance. Controlling uncertainty.

Software is inherently unpredictable. So exploit uncertainty to create more releases and more releases means options. And options have value.

5- Change:

Projects will penalized late requirements.

Software products are always changing otherwise they are not used or dead.

6- Sign-Off:

Projects suits traditional management where senior managers can sign-off big batches of work.

Software development suits self-managed teams where team members can sign-off small batches of work.

#NoProjects   #BeyondProjects

Resource: No Projects – Beyond Projects


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