Rather than try to plan for every eventuality, embrace the possibilities that change brings you. This approach may sound like it’s out of control. It would be, except for eight practices that allow you to control the chaos of endless possibility.

1- Vision : reveals where the project is going and why it’s going there.

2- Release Planning : provides a roadmap for reaching your destination.

3- The Planning Game : combines the expertise of the whole team to create achievable plans.

4- Risk Management : allows the team to make and meet long-term commitments.

5- Iteration Planning : provides structure to the team’s daily activities.

6- Slack : allows the team to reliably deliver results every iteration.

7- Stories : form the line items in the team’s plan.

8- Estimating : enables the team to predict how long their work will take.

Resource: The Art of Agile Development: Chapter 8: Planning


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