Impact Mapping: Deliver the “Right” Software

Impact Mapping is a collaborative planning technique that helps organizations define good objectives.

Impact Mapping is a technique that requires a cross functional group of senior business and technical people to align their expectations and visualize their assumptions together and it uses a collaboration model.

Agile techniques (XP, Srum, … etc) are much more about “how” than “what”. They’re much more about helping teams find out good ways of delivering software, not actually deciding what to deliver.

Large part Scrum and XP and Kanban have solved the problem of getting stuff out and lots of teams now can deliver almost anything that their business people want but they spend an insane amount of time doing the wrong thing and the bottleneck has moved for a lot of the teams. The bottleneck to great software now is delivering what’s really important, delivering what’s good.

The team can actually ship anything out, Impact Mapping will provide a really good fit for kind of getting the business integrated into iterative delivery and providing a lot more value to the business and the whole organization by doing the right thing.

Impact Mapping Princilpes:

1- Everybody should really understand why something is being done.

2- Organizations should really focus much more on achieving impacts rather than delivering software and achieving impacts through changing the way people work.

3- Decide what to do next based on immediate and direct feedback. Feedback that needs to inform what to do next, needs to come from the real use of the work, production use, not deploying to production, not acceptance tests, not somebody’s opinion but really the use of this thing.

4- Everybody cares. If you communicate why, if you focus on objectives then people will care.

Resource: Gojko Adzic on integrating business iterative delivery using Impact Mapping


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