Software Project Estimation is Wrong – Part 2

Chrysler’s C3 payroll, the first Extreme Programming project:

“How will I know whether you’re on track or not?”
– You will be able to tell whether things were going well enough by looking at the stack of work that was done, and the stack remaining to do.

The project was ultimately cancelled. It took us some time to realize that there was a big lesson hiding inside that history.
The C3 project’s purpose was to replace the entire family of Chrysler payroll programs. It didn’t accomplish that. We should have replaced the broken bits, one at a time, most valuable first. The fundamental idea of making a complete list of everything payroll, and clicking through it, was wrong.

We supposed that the job was to build a grand new payroll program to rule them all. Wrong.

What we should have done, and could have done, was to solve the problems one after another, in the order that Marie and the other payroll people wanted them solved, and deployed those solutions as soon as they were ready.

Resource: Estimation is Evil


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