The Death of Knowledge Worker and the Rise of the Knowledge Networker

Why Knowledge workers era of supremacy is over ?
1- Speed of change today: An individual or self-contained group of individuals may know all the vital facts of their field in this very instant, but the speed of change can make their knowledge obsolete in the next instant – or even add volumes of new knowledge to the mix. No single group or individual can know it all and stay on top of it all.

2- No organization can hire all the knowledge workers it needs to cover every emerging need.

So, we now have a new era emerging: The era of the knowledgeable networker.

Knowledgeable networkers are very good at what they do, and at the same time, do not pretend to know it all. They consider the entire puzzle, not just their own area of expertise. They’re integrative thinkers with broad interests and connections. They see how puzzle pieces fit together without needing to know everything about each piece – instead, they KNOW A LOT OF PEOPLE and HAVE A LOT OF INFORMATION SOURCES. They have instant access to multiple knowledge workers via a phone call, email, Twitter post, or LinkedIn. They can bring experts and expertise into a team, a department, or organization to fulfill a specific need or help seize an opportunity. The knowledgeable networker can also seek out, find, assimilate, and translate useful information into workable solutions.

A group got connected on the Internet and crowd-sourced the design of a car. Project managers brought teams of experts together to build something amazing. They went from conceptual design to working prototype in a year. Even the best car companies take ten years to accomplish the same tasks.

It’s critically important that we cultivate a culture that rewards this practice of ‘bringing the outside in.’ Some organizations fully staffed with knowledge workers will fail because those employees are not networked internally to share the developing knowledge of their own organization.

Resource: It’s the End of an Era – Enter the Knowledgeable Networker


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