Application Lifecycle Management ( ALM )

I attended a presentation given by David Chappell. The presentation was informative and thought-provoking,  and the presenter was an enthusiastic and informative speaker.


Summary of the presentation


Business strategy means being different from the competition.
Being different relies on strategic IT investments to support that differentiation.
Strategic IT investments are typically custom applications.
Custom applications are created through Application Lifecycle Management ( ALM ).

ALM ( 3 tiers ) = Governance PM ( higher tier ) + Development SDLC ( middle tier ) + Operations go live ( lower tier )

Agile concentrated on middle tier.

The ability to embed a better business process in software, then replicate it reliably across an organization, is a primary way to create competitive advantage with IT,

As business processes become more and more dependent on software, getting that software right gets ever more important,

Software development isn’t an identically repeatable process like manufacturing,
‒The term “software engineering” is misleading,
‒Building software is more like building a custom home,
Custom development always involves innovation,
‒If not, you should buy the software rather than build it,
Innovation implies uncertainty,

Quality assurance (QA) does not equal testing, We need to stop saying “QA” when we really mean “testing”,

Defining Software Quality:

1- Functional Quality: The software correctly performs the tasks it’s intended to do for its users,

2- Structural Quality: The code itself is structured well.

3- Process Quality: The quality of the development process itself.

Resource: David Chappell


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