How do you recognise Good Programmers

How do you recognise good programmers if you’re a business guy?

PASSION and Enthusiasm.

How do you know passion/Enthusiasm?

1- Home Projects in their spare time.

2- Self-Learning new technologies. No need for training classes. Love learning.

3- Up-To-Date: Talking your ear off about a new technology that you haven’t even heard of, explaining to you why you must use it in your business, even if none of your staff knows how to use it. Even if it’s a technology he doesn’t know how to use yet.

4- Hidden experience that doesn’t appear on their CV or profile.

5- Variety of Technologies. Because of the love of learning and toying with new technologies that comes with the package of being a “good programmer”, it’s inevitable that any “good programmer” over the age of 22 will be fluent in a dozen different technologies. They can’t help it. Learning a new technology is one of the most fun things a programmer with any passion can do. So they’ll do it all the time, and accumulate a portfolio of things they’ve “played around with”. They may not be experts at all of them, but all decent programmers will be fluent in a large inventory of unrelated technologies.

Positive indicators:

* Passionate about technology
* Programs as a hobby
* Will talk your ear off on a technical subject if encouraged
* Significant (and often numerous) personal side-projects over the years
* Learns new technologies on his/her own
* Opinionated about which technologies are better for various usages
* Very uncomfortable about the idea of working with a technology he doesn’t believe to be “right”
* Clearly smart, can have great conversations on a variety of topics
* Started programming long before university/work
* Has some hidden “icebergs”, large personal projects under the CV radar
* Knowledge of a large variety of unrelated technologies (may not be on CV)

Negative indicators:

* Programming is a day job
* Don’t really want to “talk shop”, even when encouraged to
* Learns new technologies in company-sponsored courses
* Happy to work with whatever technology you’ve picked, “all technologies are good”
* Doesn’t seem too smart
* Started programming at university
* All programming experience is on the CV
* Focused mainly on one or two technology stacks (e.g. everything to do with developing a java application), with no experience outside of it

Resource: How do you recognise good programmers


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