How to Ace your Exams without Studying

Holistic learning is a process for learning more effectively. Some people effortlessly learn new concepts and material while others struggle. The difference between these factors is mostly due to a process called holistic learning.

Holistic learning is the opposite of rote memorization. Instead of learning through force, your goal is to create webs of information that link together.

Your goal when learning anything is to create a construct or an underlying understanding.

Constructs are formed from models, chunks of understanding that aren’t completely accurate but can be used to solve problems.

You create webs of information, constructs and models by visceralizing, metaphor and exploring

Holistic learning works with highly conceptual information where there is an underlying system. It doesn’t work well with arbitrary information or skills.

Resource: Holistic Learning – eBook

The Best of Scott Young – eBook


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