Proactive: The Most Effective Habit

In Stephen Covey’s Book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” his first habit is “Be Proactive.”. In fact, Being Proactive might be the only effective habit. Read the other six and they all seemed to be corollaries of the first one.

Proactive Plan:


Proactively list what you want (a new job, a new business, a new opportunity).
List what the next step is.


Quickly determine what doesn’t work.


If you want a new job, proactively go out and get another one. Preferably freelance : think about what you do best, and then do it for three paying customers. Contact 30 customers and ask what simple services you can do for them that they would be willing to pay for. Three of them will respond and now you can quit your job.
Your last job never would’ve happened if you hadn’t researched it and proactively chased it down.


If you want publicity, write your own publicity. Write a guest post for a popular blog (like I am doing here). If you want to go on TV, contact the producers of shows and give them ten ideas of what you can talk about and why they should pick you to talk about them.


So today, write down the five things you want and what the absolute very next step is to getting those things (if you want to start a business, for instance, write down some ideas for businesses and how you can realistically start them within the next month).


You can come up with a lot of reasons for not proactively beginning something. Excuses are easy and I get it. But how about take a ten-day diet from excuses. You can get back to your “I cants” 10 days from now.

Resource: The Most Effective Habit For Entrepreneurs


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