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Proactive: The Most Effective Habit

In Stephen Covey’s Book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” his first habit is “Be Proactive.”. In fact, Being Proactive might be the only effective habit. Read the other six and they all seemed to be corollaries of the … Continue reading

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Failure is a Requirement to Success

Failure is not an option…it is a requirement…to future success. Failure gets a bad rap. It is actually an important element of success. When I speak at conferences around the world I say “In America we don’t use the word … Continue reading

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Living in the Future

Thinking deeply about open source and the internet got me thinking big ideas about the internet as operating system, and the shift of influence from software to network effects in data as the key to future applications. I was following … Continue reading

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Programming and Problem Solving – Part 1

When you assume the setting is enabled while it is disabled and hence these wrong output have reasons. Or when you assume the process is X then Y and not X AND Y and work in a complex solution based … Continue reading

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