How to Invent the Next Big Thing ?

You will not reinvent the wheel, but instead reapplied the current concepts into a new, revolutionary product.

The next big thing will be created by innovating the “adjacent technology.”

The next big thing isn’t going to take years of research and development. It won’t be developed in a big scientific lab by dozens of Ph.Ds; it won’t have a public launch date over which the press drools; and it won’t take years to generate millions of dollars.

The genius of Apple’s accomplishment didn’t involve invention, but adjacent innovation — in effect, combining the best innovations of others to create a completely new and singular experience.

Apple used the power of digital technology to spot, integrate, develop and deploy several adjacent innovations in a single product. That’s the central theory of innovating the adjacent possible: taking digital shortcuts to harness and combine adjacent innovations into a new thing.

Resource: Why the Next Big Thing Will Come From Small Innovations


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