Skills vs Tools

You have a skill, then you don’t need a tool.

Tools are for less skillful guys.

A master of martial arts trains for a lifetime, and becomes himself a deadly weapon. He may carry a sword, a knife, but he doesn’t need them.

Skills, unlike tools, cannot be taken away from.

Tools become more and better than before, but don’t take technology for granted. Only yourself which means your skill.

Hackers are good example of a skillful guys. They valued skills more than tools. They lived by the questions “How?” and “What else?”- as in: “How does this work?” and “What else can this tool do?” , which built skill.

Hacking was the creative process of taking your skills and applying them in different contexts, using whatever tools happened to be available. Skills were primary, tools secondary.

To a genius: collecting skills over tools.

When you first introduced to a tool, you are a tool guy ços you don’t understand and control it. The moment you start exploring the tool and discovering new features and capabilities of the tool, you are a building skill, and start the journey to liberation.

Collect Skills, Not Tools


About Ahmed

Software craftsman, programmer, developer, system/business analyst, DBA and PM.
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