The Age Of Everyday Carry (EDC) Gadgets Passed

They’re going away. Instead we now carry one or two items – maybe keys and a phone.

We’re fast reaching the end of that era. What do we do that requires a knife? Our food is pre-portioned and cut, our McDonald’s apples sliced into shards and vacuum packed, our cheese pre-packaged, or meats pre-marinated. We don’t hunt – most of us don’t – and we don’t tinker – most of us don’t – and we carry most everything we need in one or two disposable devices. Who needs a Leica when we carry an iPhone? Who needs a notepad when we carry a Nexus S? Who needs a book when we carry an iPad? These devices don’t have the same import, the same heft as their simpler counterparts but does that really matter? They do the job well enough or better.

Resource: Age Of Totemic Gadgets Passed?


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Software craftsman, programmer, developer, system/business analyst, DBA and PM.
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