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Hacker vs Professor

Who is the best ? a hacker who knows how to code and has no CS degree, or a CS graduate who does not know how to code ? It depends in which field you are comparing ? In programming, … Continue reading

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Why Universities are Bad ?

Computer science graduates are bad programmers, because universities teach “history of computer science” not latest trends. What’s the problem with universities ? 1- Selection: you have to select the easiest courses to get high marks, and that means avoiding programming … Continue reading

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Skills vs Tools

You have a skill, then you don’t need a tool. Tools are for less skillful guys. A master of martial arts trains for a lifetime, and becomes himself a deadly weapon. He may carry a sword, a knife, but he … Continue reading

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No Failure, No Innovation

An inventor’s path is chorused with groans, riddled with fist-banging and punctuated by head scratches. Stumbling upon the next great invention in an “ah-ha!” moment is a myth. It is only by learning from mistakes that progress is made. It’s … Continue reading

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Print using JavaScript

If you would like to print your HTML page contents using your printer, here is a one line javascript: Code Explain: <a href=”” : This is for the mouse hand to appear when mouse hover over print icon. onclick=”” : … Continue reading

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The Age Of Everyday Carry (EDC) Gadgets Passed

They’re going away. Instead we now carry one or two items – maybe keys and a phone. We’re fast reaching the end of that era. What do we do that requires a knife? Our food is pre-portioned and cut, our … Continue reading

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