How to Beat iPad ?

Enterprise is the place where competitors can beat iPad ?
The days of handing out a device to employees are largely over. Workers are bringing their own gear to work.
Apple won’t have the sales army that traditional business technology players can bring.
If HP, RIM and Dell can get traction in the enterprise, they will chalk up a key win and defend their core businesses. And it’s unclear whether Apple even wants to play in the enterprise.
Samsung is going for partnerships with Cisco for VPN’s to garner enterprise interest.
HP is the world’s largest provider of PCs by far; PCs of any type — desktops, notebooks, notebooks, etc. And HP happens to be the world’s largest provider of printers.
CIOs understand and trust the BlackBerry Enterprise Server security model and are pleased that security will be extended to the BlackBerry PlayBook.
80 percent of the Fortune 100 are testing or piloting the iPad.
The challengers—HP, RIM, Motorola Mobility, Samsung and Dell—have the sales teams, CIO relationships and know how to cater to the enterprise.

Resource: next tablet battleground: The enterprise


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