Leadership not Management will set your Project apart

Managing the project is not enough, you need to leadership to make the difference and set your project apart.
But what’s the difference between leadership and management ?
Management is dealing with non-human issues (tasks): schedules, risks, … etc.
Leadership is dealing with humans issues (team): communication, inspire, motivate, … etc.
Management is to look who is assigned to what task. But leadership is to focus on creating an environment where the team wants to be successful.
Leadership no need to push your team to complete the tasks. How is that? Because you let them feel that this is their own project. And if you succeed in this, you are and you project are winners. And here is why leadership is more important than management, cause people who make projects succeed.
But, how to do this ? I can tell you how to do a task and you will do it, but to tell you how to communicate with a team its not guaranteed that you will succeed. Why ?
Cos you are dealing with humans, and humans’ reactions are not expected.
So, to be a great project manager you should go the next level from a project manager to a leader and encourage and inspire your team.
How to be a Leader ?
Soft-Skills are the basic steps towards leadership.

Resource: You Are Not A Project Manager


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Software craftsman, programmer, developer, system/business analyst, DBA and PM.
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