Google Android vs. Apple iOS

Weak spots for iOS:

1- Software inflexibility:

adv: allow iOS products to function very well.

dis: can’t create an app not within the boundaries Apple has set for iOS 

2- Productivity limitations:

adv: on-screen keyboard works magnificently for short data entry.

dis: email or document of greater length. Building presentations, editing files, and juggling several bits of information at once.

3- Fewer hardware choices:

Weak spots for Android

1- Ecosystem chaos:

adv: many hareware choices

dis: vendors are launching with long-outdated versions.

2- Wildly inconsistent experiences:

Nearly all of the hardware vendors put the Android menu buttons in a different order at the bottom of the screen, and many of them even use different types of button icons, further confusing users.

All of the other Android devices have a vendor-supplied skin (which typically makes the devices worse instead of better) that runs on top of Android.

The hardware vendors have to update their custom Android skins to make them compatible with the newest Android software and then submit it to the wireless carriers, who have to make sure it doesn’t conflict with any of their Android apps, and then it finally gets pushed to the consumer.

3- Leadership vacuum:

Google should force the hands of hardware vendors or publicly suggest best practices that it would like to see Android vendors adopt.

What about Microsoft, HP, BlackBerry, and Nokia?

They are on the wrong side of history.

Resource:Google Android vs. Apple iOS: Handicapping the 2011 death match


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    Thnx a lot useful info!

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