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Tablets’ Sizes

9.7-inch: Apple iPad Desc: Display that fell between the small smartphone screen and the bigger notebooks. Adv.: This size was a good fit for displaying web pages in the browser, a frequent task performed on the tablet. 7-inch: Samsung Galaxy … Continue reading

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The Death of Firefox

It is a world of Apps not Extensions. Firefox doesn’t have an app ecosystem or a loyal core of developers. Extensions? Those were worth bragging about in 2005, but in 2012 the story is apps. The idea of branded browsers … Continue reading

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How to Beat iPad ?

Enterprise is the place where competitors can beat iPad ? The days of handing out a device to employees are largely over. Workers are bringing their own gear to work. Apple won’t have the sales army that traditional business technology … Continue reading

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OUTER JOIN Filter by WHERE or ON Clauses ?!

If you would like to filter a RIGHT OUTER JOIN, e.g. then you have to put Table_1 columns in ON clause and Table_2 in WHERE clause, e.g. If you swapped it or put all conditions in WHERE clause then it … Continue reading

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3G vs WiFi

3G needs a service provider and you pay for it. WiFi needs a WiFi router. If it is yours or open router like in cafes then it is free. WiFi is faster than 3G. 3G range and signals are more … Continue reading

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Why Facebook Beat MySpace ?

Management. A very simple management mistake News Corp. made. News Corp tried to guide MySpace, to add planning, and to use “professional management” to determine the business’s future. That was fatally flawed when competing with Facebook which was managed in … Continue reading

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Is there still new Opportunities ?

You still may be thinking that Twitter and Zynga are great, but now it’s really over–there is no new opportunity. If you think that, you’d be wrong again. In addition to the unprecedented number of people now reachable via the … Continue reading

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Great Internet Boom of 2011 vs great crash of 2001

The market wasn’t nearly as big as anticipated and the products were not nearly as good as imagined–at the time. When Netscape peaked in the late 90s, we had 90 percent market share and 50 million users. The total Consumer … Continue reading

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Hyprid: the Buzzword of 2011

All are preparing for a new management tool that will allow customers to oversee both on-premises and cloud-based services. Hyprid: joining and managing public and private Cloud via one product. Hyprid products:- Microsoft: Concero. VMware: vCenter Operations product. Amazon: VPC … Continue reading

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Comment on: Poll: With wireless docking, will smartphones replace many laptops?

Yes, because of the Cloud Mobiles, PCs, Notebooks, Tablets are just tools to get you to your applications and data which will be in the Cloud. And mobiles with wireless docking technology will be the popular choice because of its … Continue reading

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