Why Nokia Failed ?

A Nokia’s user experience designer explains why Nokia failed ?

An organization committed to the virtues of engineering rather than those of design.

Nokia has smart engineers but bad management who never understand the changes and never listen to their engineers.

Quotes from the article:
Why I wouldn’t look for innovation from large organizations.
Nokia’s corporate culture served as a brake on all kinds of innovative thought.

You could no longer think of mobile phones as communication devices. You had to conceive of them as interface objects through which users would experience content and command functionality that ultimately lived on the network.

But whether as teams or individuals, the parties trying — energetically, and in good faith — to help the company avail itself of this insight were ignored.

It’s just not particularly wise to allow engineers to make decisions about things like product and service nomenclature, interface typography and the graphic design of icons: they’re, I daresay, not even neurocognitively equipped to do so. And yet this is what happened when I was at Nokia and, I would imagine, is happening still.

Source: Nokia: Culture will out


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