Comment on: The end of hard-edged science?

My comment on: The end of hard-edged science?

Ahmed 02.16.11 at 22:23

I know what I will say is a little bit weird to a material mind set.
The thing that modern science is forgotten is God’s factor. This should be a new branch in science in which you should believe that every single atom, particle, electron, proton, … etc is fully controlled by God.
Humans do science discoveries in order to control nature. And nature is as I said fully controlled by God. And what God wants in order to give some control over his nature is to believe in Him and obey his orders.

And this is the author’s reply:

John 02.17.11 at 02:37

Ahmed: I would agree that God is sovereign over every particle in the universe. However, God almost always exercises His sovereignty in regular ways. Science is the study of this regularity. The belief that God’s consistency makes it worthwhile to study science is one reason modern science developed in the West and not, for example, in animist cultures.

When God chooses to act outside His usual manner, i.e. to perform a miracle, He does something that science would not and could not have predicted. This is not to deny the possibility of miracles, only to say that they are by definition beyond the ability of science to predict.


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