“DIY” Do It Yourself

In a word (or acronym to be more precise) DIY (Do It Yourself). Of course DIY isn’t just a creative acronym for those that like, literally, do things themselves. DIY is a way of life – it means you look at things in a creative way and find creative solutions around problems that others might not think about. DIY means you save money by not following the trends – at least not in the same way others do.

And anyone can be a “do it yourself’er.” All it takes is some creativity, patience, some planning, a bit more creativity, and a wide enough lens to take in the whole landscape of IT (in order to see the “things” no one else sees). And, of course, just like all aspects of life, doing IT the DIY way can not only be financially rewarding, it is also an exercise in character building, skill building, and troubleshooting. When you start to develop a sharper eye for DIY you will start seeing more skills develop than you thought possible and find yourself relying more and more on your creativity.



About Ahmed

Software craftsman, programmer, developer, system/business analyst, DBA and PM.
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