Amazon Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services launched in 2002. 

The first Cloud initiative in the industry.

Amazon Web Services = Amazon EC2 + Amazon S3 + others …

Amazon EC2

is a Server instances

These instances are simply virtual machines

Elastic Compute Units (ECU), pick and choose what you want and pay for it after you are done.  Pricing is based on the type of ECU and amount of data transferred or the time used.

There are a number of different ECU types:

    –          Micro ECU: 1-2 instances, 633MB

    –          Small ECU: 1 instance, 1.7GB

    –          Large ECU: 4 instances, 7.5GB

    –          XL ECU: 8 instances, 15GB

    –          High-Mem XL ECU: 6.5 instances, 17GB

    –          High-Mem Double XL ECU: 13 instances, 34GB

    –          High-Mem 4XL ECU: 26 instances, 68GB

    –          High-CPU XL ECU: 20 instances, 7GB

    –          High-CPU 4XL ECU: 33.5 instances, 18GB

The names vary from what you read in the documentation, but the concept is the same.  You can either ask the basic, high-memory instances or high-CPU instances.  An instance of a VM or ECU is CPU equivalent of a 1.0-1.2 GHz 2007 Opteron or 2007 Xeon processor. 

In addition to the compute, you need other components such as:

    –          Network: EC2 provides static IP address for each VM instance which are actually tied to the account and NOT the individual VM.  This allows you to “re-use” your IP

    –          Network connectivity to the instances: SOAP, HTTP and REST: the same protocols that you used to connect to Amazon Web Services


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