Why Do So Many Companies Suck at Social Media?

Companies are not inherently “social”

Marketing on the social web is more about companies being able to connect with customers

The idea that a particular promotion worked for one company, therefore it should work for us too, doesn’t hold water. Companies need to figure out what works best for the social channels, media and content that best resonates with their customers

Companies should not fear taking risks and trying new, creative ways to connect with their customers. Some of those efforts will succeed and many will suck.  Failing at social media is more about choosing NOT to:

  • Listen – Social media monitoring.
  • Create – Content that customers actually want.
  • Engage – There is no substitute for direct participation with customers in social communities.
  • Be open – Stop deciding what’s best for your customer and be open to letting them show you how they’d like to engage.
  • Be brave – Show leadership in your social participation.
  • Test – Moving corporate mountains is tough, so try proof of concept campaigns, run business case examples and get your feet wet.
  • Change – Organizations can only be social if leadership buys in and a commitment to change is made.
  • Make money – Don’t be fooled into thinking social media is all about kumbaya with customers. It’s about creating opportunities to connect and influence sales: indirectly and in some cases, directly.



About Ahmed

Software craftsman, programmer, developer, system/business analyst, DBA and PM.
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