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Why Nokia Failed ?

A Nokia’s user experience designer explains why Nokia failed ? An organization committed to the virtues of engineering rather than those of design. Nokia has smart engineers but bad management who never understand the changes and never listen to their … Continue reading

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Design/Concept Interview Questions for Senior Developers

If you are a senior developer (> 10 years experience) then you should know almost all of the answers of these questions. Everyone of these questions will be a blog entry during this year inshalla’ What is something substantive that … Continue reading

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DevOps : a new Agile movement

While I was reading this blog entry , I came across this phrase: After 10 years of Agile, with Kanban, Craftsmanship, DevOps and other new movements, the world of software development seems more fragmented than ever. And I asked myself: … Continue reading

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Comment on: The end of hard-edged science?

My comment on: The end of hard-edged science? Ahmed 02.16.11 at 22:23 I know what I will say is a little bit weird to a material mind set. The thing that modern science is forgotten is God’s factor. This should … Continue reading

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Idea vs Feature

Start by considering the simple question, “what pain does this alleviate?” and then writing down the answer. That’s the goal of the application. Next, you need to explicitly define what your application does to solve the problem — not in … Continue reading

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Microsoft-Nokia Deal

The problem with Nokia is that their software is no where near the high standard of their hardware. Nokia needed a bold move in the software/OS/platform area in order to become a mobile leader again. Why not Android? In the … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Co-Founders

Facebook: More than half billion users in a very few years. Users scale .. Number of users/day No other Valley company has reached so many people around the world so quickly. Co-founders: When they leave facebook , build another big … Continue reading

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Microsoft is Losing its Grip on the Enterprise

Microsoft is relying on Windows and Office. Enterprises now allowed employees to bring their mobiles and use virtualization. Mobile = Applications other than Office Virtualization = OS other than Windows , also in Virtualization it doesn’t matter what’s the OS

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“DIY” Do It Yourself

In a word (or acronym to be more precise) DIY (Do It Yourself). Of course DIY isn’t just a creative acronym for those that like, literally, do things themselves. DIY is a way of life – it means you look … Continue reading

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Database Size

 Exec sp_spaceused   

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