How Facebook Beat Google in 2010

Hitwise data doesn’t represent the whole truth.

If the analytics firm were to include Google-owned YouTube in its calculations, Google’s network of websites would outrank Facebook properties

Facebook, has seemingly discovered Google’s weak spots.

Identity Wars

The first area in which Facebook has bested Google is online identity. Remember the days when trying out a new website required entering your name, username, password and other details into a form? Now sites can opt to use your Facebook account for one-click signup, making life easier for both websites and their users

As a result, Facebook is becoming the de facto identity system for the Web.

Social struggles

The company doesn’t possess a “social graph” of our real-world connections.

Facebook might be able to provide a search engine that delivers highly personalized results. Better still: Facebook may stockpile enough personal information to recommend relevant content without the need for a search box.

Such a move is unlikely to unseat Google overnight

Google’s big gains: Mobile, video

Facebook is only “beating” Google if we limit the playing field to the Web. But in the rapidly growing mobile sector, Facebook is a minor player

Yes, Google wins there, too: As the owner of YouTube

in professional life: From collaborative document creation to enterprise email, it’s hard to see Facebook challenging Google’s role in the workplace



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