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Two Tables Side by Side

The secret is in adding style=”float:right” <asp:Table runat=”server” style=”float:right”>   <asp:TableRow>  <asp:TableCell>Table1 Cell1  </asp:TableCell>  </asp:TableRow>  </asp:Table>  <asp:Table ID=”Table1″ runat=”server” style=”float:right”>   <asp:TableRow>  <asp:TableCell>Table2 Cell1  </asp:TableCell>  </asp:TableRow>  </asp:Table> Advertisements

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Copy Cell in GridView

In GridView add this column:  <asp:CommandField ButtonType=”Button” SelectText=”” ShowSelectButton=”True” /> [\sourcecode] Then in code-behind: Protected Sub GridViewHandLinks_RowCommand(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As GridViewCommandEventArgs)   If e.CommandName.Equals(“Select“) Then   Dim index As Integer = Convert.ToInt32(e.CommandArgument)   Dim row As GridViewRow … Continue reading

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How Facebook Beat Google in 2010

Hitwise data doesn’t represent the whole truth. If the analytics firm were to include Google-owned YouTube in its calculations, Google’s network of websites would outrank Facebook properties Facebook, has seemingly discovered Google’s weak spots. Identity Wars The first area in … Continue reading

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Dreyfus Model and Programming Experience

The Dreyfus Model fundamentals are summarized here. Novice – Needs to be told exactly what to do. Very little context to base decisions off of. Advanced beginner – Has more context for decisions, but still needs rigid guidelines to follow. … Continue reading

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Why Google Hates Mobiles ?

web pages, PCs, searching : Billions for Google mobiles, mobile app (where no need for Google search) : Nothing for Google. Google is heavily invested in keeping the current paradigm of the Web, where it is by far the biggest … Continue reading

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Two Programmers’ Manifestos

I’m thinking of two manifestos: 1- Master your Craft: which is about how to be experienced in your craft (input). If you are a novice programmer then do one, two, three and you are a Master. Or if you are … Continue reading

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Err Msg: Culture is not a member of ‘ASP_DBNews’

This error comes after I changed the file name and didn’t exclude it from Project. The file DBNews.aspx to DBNewsOLD.aspx and DBNews.aspx.vb to DBNewsOLD.aspx.vb After I exclude them frok Project and built/publish everything went O.K. alhamdu le Alla. Ahmed.

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