How to open a new page/window and send parameters by clicking a button?

Because neither Server.Transfer nor Response.Redirect has an option to open a new page/window , this is a workaround:

Failed Solutions:

I thought this is a

Smart solution

<asp:Button ID=”OpenNewPage” runat=”server” Text=”Open New Page” OnClientClick =”document.forms [0].target = ‘_blank’;“/>

But it turned out that any button I click it will open a new page, because it is under forms[0].

Or less smart solution

Which turned to be smarter than the previous one:

        <asp:Button ID=”OpenNewPage” runat=”server” Text=”Open New Page” OnClientClick =”return pageOpen();“/>

    <script type=”text/javascript”>

        function pageOpen()


  “~/newPage.aspx?param1=” & TextBox1.SelectedValue & “&param2=” & TextBox2.SelectedValue)



But the problem I couldn’t figure out how to send parameters to javascipt.

I tried another approach but did not work, which is to call a javascript like this:


— <asp:Button ID=”Add” runat=”server” Text=” ” OnClientClick =” = ‘_blank’;”/> –%>


— <asp:Button ID=”Add” runat=”server” Text=” ” OnClientClick =”return pageOpen(text1.SelectedValue, text2.SelectedValue);”/> –%>

<asp:TextBox ID=”hiddenParam” runat=”server” Visible=”false”></asp:TextBox>


— <asp:Button ID=”Add” runat=”server” Text=” ” OnClientClick =”return pageOpen(1, 2);”/> –%>


— <asp:Button ID=”Add” runat=”server” Text=” ” OnClientClick =”return pageOpen(Text1.Text, Text2.Text);”/> –%>


— <asp:Button ID=”Add” runat=”server” Text=” ” /> –%>


— <asp:Button ID=”Add” runat=”server” Text=” ” OnClientClick =”return pageOpen(document.getElementById(“<%= DropDownList1.ClientID %>”),document.getElementById(“<%= hiddenParam %>”));”/> –%>


— <asp:Button ID=”Add” runat=”server” Text=” ” OnClientClick =”return pageOpen();” value=’Form Checker’/> –%>

And also found a good solution here:

But could not apply it because of my novelty.

The Solution:


Finaly, and after 2 days searching the net and try/error approach and trying different solutions, no one work until I decided to ask WebForms forum , and the answer came to me within 10 min. from an experienced guy called Santoch :

Dim strUrl As String = String.Format(“page2.aspx?param1=” & param1.SelectedValue & “&param2=” & param2)


GetType(Page), “popup”, String.Format(“‘{0}’)”, strUrl), True)


This is what I should call Very smart solution. Thanks Alla then Santosh.

Learning Lessons:

1-   Search the net first before asking questions.

2-  Ask your question with what you have done and failed to achieve.

3-  Searching for the solution will open doors for new knowledge and experience. I knew a lot about javascript.

4-  Every problem has a solution, no has many solutions, just be patient and optimistic.




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